CEO's message

Chanyong Jung / CEO, AfreecaTV Crop

AfreecaTV is promoting growth in media culture centered around interactive platforms in which all participants share a sense of content ownership.

Participants in our service can use AfreecaTV to showcase their talents and share their thoughts and values, doing so in real-time.

We are also leader in two-way-communication media channels, giving participants a wider range of fun and inspiring experiences and doing our utmost to strengthen our value as a participant-driven sharing and communication space.

Because of a deep desire to live our values-connection, communication, and freedom- we wiil never be satisfied only with past achievements. Indeed, we will expand our efforts focused on the unique, free, and forward-looking AfreecaTV service philosophy.

Through these efforts, even more people can experience more diverse enjoyment on the AfreecaTV platform.

Thank you.

CEO, AfreecaTV Crop Chanyong Jung