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AfreecaTV, where everything becomes content and everyone becomes the main character, has been working hard to establish an enjoyable culture within its platform. AfreecaTV's unique philosophy and ecosystem, where creators respect, share, and support each other’s work, has led the business model based on the donation economy.

While continuing to advance its platform, AfreecaTV will improve the satisfaction of participants by providing more diverse value through the expansion of its service and content and contribute to creating a media world where everyone is the owner.

  • General Information
    (as of Dec. 31, 2021)
    · CEO
    Chan-Yong Jung
    · Number of shares issued
    · Main business
    Media platform, etc.
    · Sales
    KRW 272.3 billion
    · Company
    · Date of Establishment
    April 22, 1996
    · Headquarters location
    15 Pangyo-ro 228beon-gil, Bundang-gu, Pangyo Seven Venture Valley Complex 1, Building 2
    · Number of employees
    573 (Excluding affiliated companies)
  • Business Performance
    (as of Dec. 31, 2021,Unit : million)
    *Rating agency: Nice D&B Co., Ltd.

Global offices

Local subsidiaries in 6 countries around the world
Japan, Thailand, Taiwan, USA, Hong Kong, Vietnam

Domestic affiliated companies

Changed to a sole CEO system under Jung Chan Yong Launched new ad management platform 'AAM’ FreeCon 2021 held Launched AFT(AFreecaToken) market Awarded a commendation from the Minister of Science, Technology and Information
Signed esports partnership with Activision Blizzard Opened Afreeca Colosseum, an eSports stadium AfreecaTV original sports league ARC started
Released AfreecaTV VR Player, an HMD content platform Selected as one of Forbes Asia’s 200 Best Under a Billion
Converted to a co-CEO system under Sookiel Seo and Chan-Yong Jung AfreecaTV's Original PUBG League APL started Hosted PKL (PUBG Korea League)
Launched OpenStudio Set up the Global One-Build platform Launched ATL, AWL, and APL, AfreecaTV's original game leagues
Launched additional international service (Hong Kong) Launched the AfreecaTV original Starcraft League, ASL, GSL
Launched additional international services (Thailand, Taiwan, global) Acquired GomXP Studio and renamed it FreecUp Studio
Launched first international service (Japan)
Company name changed to AfreecaTV Co., Ltd.
Nowcom acquired by Saint International Co., Ltd. Seo Soo Kiel appointed as CEO
Company name changed to Nowcom Co., Ltd.
Listed on the KOSDAQ
- Established as Wins Technology Co., Ltd.
ESG Committee

As interest in and demand for ESG management by stakeholders such as the government, investors, and service users increases, establishing business strategies and disclosing information are becoming more critical as well. ESG refers to ‘environmental, social, and governance,’ the three core elements for fulfilling social responsibility and achieving sustainability in corporate management.

AfreecaTV has launched its ESG Committee under the board of directors in March 2022 to respond to these social needs effectively. Through this, we intend to install an ESG management promotion system centered around management and to conduct and deliberate on ESG strategies and major decisions.

Commendation from the Minister of Science and ICT

AfreecaTV has made an effort to contribute to the develop of the domestic one-person media industry by broadcasting the ‘Korea One-person Media Contest’ live and operating the Gyeonggi One-person Creator Academy together with the Gyeonggi Content Agency. In recognition of its contribution to the expansion of the one-person media industry through these activities, AfreecaTV was awarded the Minister of Science and ICT on November 3, 2021.

AfreecaTV has also promoted the 'One-person Media Creation Group Fostering Project' and has conducted various social contribution activities such as the ‘Finding Missing Children’ and ‘Blind Helper’ campaigns. AfreecaTV plans to lay a foundation for the sustainable growth of the domestic one-person media industry and continue its various social contribution activities.

Facilitating communication through active user participation

AfreecaTV is taking the lead in reinforcing interactive content between BJs and users by introducing a real-time video conversation function ('user participation service’), that allows users to participate in live broadcast. Through this function, BJs and users can easily have real-time video conversations in both PC and mobile platform environments without installing a separate app or program.

Through the user participation function, AfreecaTV induces active user participation in various content, such as communication content for counseling and travel content that introduce domestic and foreign tourist attractions. Real-time communication which is made by user participation function will maximize strength of AfreecaTV, which is the content that users and BJs create together. AfreecaTV is also improving its internal communication with employees by actively utilizing such service. 'e-town halls' a quarterly live streaming session hosted by CEO is one good example. AfreecaTV will continue to strive to fulfill its social responsibility as a communication medium that does not discriminate people based on age, gender, or occupation.

Opening of New eSports Stadium, ‘Sangam Colosseum’

An exclusive stadium for eSports, ‘Sangam Colosseum’ has been newly opened on February 2022 in Sangam-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul. It was originally built by the Seoul Metropolitan Government and the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, and was newly renovated and is now operated by AfreecaTV. The stadium has a total area of 6,271 meters and five floors, including the main stadium with 756 seats.

Designed as an eSports stadium, it is furnished with spacious and comfortable chairs for viewing of eSports, a 400-inch main LED display board, and two 200-inch LED auxiliary display boards. The stadium has various additional spaces, such as a waiting room for players and a waiting room for performers. AfreecaTV plans to continue investing in domestic eSports leagues by using the Sangam Colosseum to expand the annual eSports league and create a new eSports league.


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