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Jung, Chan Yong / CEO, AfreecaTV

Dear Stakeholders, In the face of the COVID-19 pandemic that has disrupted the world for the past three years, AfreecaTV is embracing the structural changes and growth of the online and new media industries that are accelerating throughout society. We feel the impact of value creation opportunities and risks to the company's business environment firsthand. In particular, we are alert to the fundamental environmental issues that our society has had to go through during the pandemic. We are also contemplating the role of the government and corporations in building a healthy society where the basic rights of citizens properly respected, without issues such as human rights violations and discrimination emanating from the pandemic.

AfreecaTV announced its intention to pursue ESG-oriented management by publishing its first ESG report in November 2021 and has been making various efforts to implement it. First, AfreecaTV established the ESG Committee under the board of directors in March 2022 to identify the current status of ESG management and set a strategy suitable for AfreecaTV. In July, AfreecaTV laid the groundwork for establishing a basic ESG response system by supporting the committee and organizing an in-house ESG Council to help implement its ESG strategy. In addition, to establish a management policy of respecting human rights as a corporate citizen, AfreecaTV declared its human rights management principles in June 2022. We are continuously making social contributions and education-related content utilizing AfreecaTV service, and we have strived to contribute to raising the awareness of social issues among service participants even, during the pandemic period when content production has been challenging.

AfreecaTV will continue to establish mid-to-long-term ESG management strategies proportional to our stature and culture in order to practice sustainable management. AfreecaTV will strive to build trust with shareholders and stakeholders through step-by-step innovations that are gradually applied throughout the value chain. In addition, we will continue to improve our governance structure, such as by reorganizing the board of directors and enhancing the role of committees to increasing management transparency. We appreciate your continued support and interest in the future of AfreecaTV, which will continue to work hard to advance in future.

Thank you.


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