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Ethical Management

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With the growing emphasis on corporate ethics compliance and social responsibility, AfreecaTV is making multifaceted efforts to enhance the transparency and ethics compliance of the company and gain customer confidence by internalizing a culture of ethical management. We conduct regular training on ethics compliance to raise awareness among our employees and have established an ethics management system so that our employees can use the detailed standards and guidelines in work situations involving ethical conflicts.

Ethical Management System

AfreecaTV has established and enforces a code of conduct to internalize the principles of ethical management, including the work ethics of the employees and the ethical/social responsibility to stakeholders. We announced a detailed Code of Conduct, which is the standard for the decisions and actions of our employees, and ensure the compliance of our employees through consistent monitoring. Our operating policy, published on the website, communicates our commitment to ethical management, and our internal control program helps internalize our corporate culture of ethics.

Code of Conduct Agreement
  • 01

    I have a duty to act in accordance with the principles, philosophy, and policies set forth in these guidelines.

  • 02

    I pledge that I will not commit any actual, explicit action that may conflict with the company’s interests.

  • 03

    I pledge that I will ensure that records and documents are flawless, fair, timely, and clear.

Code of Conduct

AfreecaTV has a system that can be implemented by all employees with ethical values as the priority, and established corporate ethical standards. We endeavor to provide guidance to our employees in their ethical decision-making and to fulfill our responsibility to society and our customers.

On February 12, 2018, AfreecaTV announced its Code of Conduct, which stipulates the company’s duties to stakeholders (e.g., the company, investors, customers, competitors, etc.) and the values it prioritizes, such as morality, autonomy, fairness, respect and trust. The Code of Conduct was revised in August 2021, and all employees of AfreecaTV and directly/indirectly related partner companies must comply with it. We strive to create a transparent, ethical corporate culture and fulfill our duty to practice ethical management, which is required of the company as part of society.

AfreecaTV’s Code of Conduct
Based on the principles of morality,
autonomy, fairness, respect, and trust
  • · Obligations to the company and investors
  • · Obligations to customers and partners, as well as other stakeholders, and even to competitors on a limited basis
  • · Obligations to colleagues
  • · Obligations that the individual, the company, and other parties have to comply with the laws, rules, and regulations of the foreign countries in which the company and its staff do business

Ethical Management Training

To promote ethics within the company and internalize ethical management, AfreecaTV conducts ethical management training for its employees. All employees and executives pledge annually to follow ethical business practices and comply with anti-corruption laws, and state that they have understood and will comply with the Code of Conduct. Moreover, we raise awareness of ethical compliance by requiring new employees and compliance managers to complete ethics training. To prevent unethical behavior, AfreecaTV imposes sanctions as per internal regulations when the Code of Conduct is violated in relation to key issues. Referred to the training materials, violations are given.

Whistleblower System

AfreecaTV operates a whistleblower system through which employees can report undue or wrongful behavior of the company or other employees to the company via a bulletin board, phone call, fax, mail, etc. Confidentiality is guaranteed through a prohibition on the disclosure or leaking of information on the whistleblower. Immediate follow-up measures are taken by the Human Resources Council

Reporting process
  • Receive a report icon 1. Receive a report
  • Investigate icon 2. Investigate
  • Take follow-up measures and disciplinary action icon 3. Take follow-up measures and disciplinary action
  • Monitor and manage on a follow-up basis icon 4. Monitor and manage on a follow-up basis

Channel for Ethical Grievances

AfreecaTV’s grievance-reporting channel addresses potential human rights issues, such as sexual harassment in the workplace, work obstruction through abuse of positional power, and group bullying. Grievances are submitted by email to the HR hotline. They are then reviewed by the relevant department, which either develops and implements improvements or seeks solutions through the Human Resources Council. Relevant information about this reporting option is posted in employee lounges and bathrooms to encourage employees to report issues. A grievance box was set up to raise awareness and promote an ethics-minded outlook while also facilitating anonymous reporting of grievances.


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