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#Healthy Organizational Culture #Growth of AfreecaTV #Cumulative Broadcast Time

AfreecaTV is continuing its various efforts to realize its philosophy of 'a world where everyone is an owner and everything becomes the content’.

To ensure that users can easily produce and consume content, we try to create a media platform where the user is the owner and all users are connected live through AfreecaTV's unique technology and services.

In addition, we strive to grow into a healthy company with content anyone can relate to and is free to use by creating a culture of flexible communication with our employees and actively supporting them to maintain a healthy and happy life.

Healthy Organizational Culture

  • Achievement sharing
    - Granting stock options
    - Implementing Profit Sharing*
    * A system in which part of the company profit is proportionately distributed, depending on the performance of the company, based on individual performance and contribution to the organization through compensation for employee ideas
  • Promoting amity within the company
    - In-house game league (including the CEO)
    - Operation of in-house clubs
  • Shared growth
    - SEED* system
    * SEE Dream, Plant SEED
    An in-house idea proposal system to encourage the company and employees to grow together through compensation for employee ideas
  • Social contribution
    - 1% Sharing Movement*
    *Donation activities to support children with disabilities, with voluntary participation of employees
    - Birthday gifts for employees' parents

Growth of AfreecaTV

    • Number of Active BJs
    • (Unit: persons)
    2019 16,106
    2020 17,415
    2021 17,137
    2022 1Q 16,190
    • Average daily viewing time
    • (Unit: hours)
    2019 2,790,950
    2020 3,013,562
    2021 3,041,840
    2022 1Q 3,413,877
    • Cumulative broadcast time
    • (Unit: minutes)
    • 2019 1,228,615,757
    • 2020 1,309,366,096
    • 2021 1,258,767,805

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    Our Company

    #Healthy Organizational Culture #Growth of AfreecaTV #Cumulative Broadcast Time

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    Sustainable Development

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