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AfreecaTV defined its major stakeholder groups directly and indirectly affected by business activities as shareholders, media associations and institutions, local and civil society, users, partners, and employees, and linked the issues of interest of each stakeholder with the establishment of management strategies.

Stakeholder Participation

AfreecaTV collects the opinions of stakeholders through various communication channels. We reflect the needs of stakeholders by implementing improvement and response activities based on the interests of stakeholders collected through these channels. In the future, we plan to provide information by diversifying communication channels according to the major interests of each stakeholder and to reflect the needs of stakeholders in our major management activities.

Stakeholder Definitions and Communication Channels

Board of Directors table
Definition Main Issues Communication channels and response activities
Shareholders Any person who directly or indirectly participates in company management by holding company stocks
  • - Creation of financial performance
  • - Transparent disclosure of performance
  • - IR data disclosure
  • - General meeting of shareholders
  • - Analyst day and conferences
Media Associations and
Any organization that discusses media-related norms, rules, ethics, etc. and forms common values
  • - Compliance with media ethics
  • - Enhancing brand value
  • - Association Community
  • - Media conferences
Local and
civil society
Any community that seeks the development within a certain area
  • - Community contribution activities
  • - Revitalization local economies
  • - Municipal communities
  • - Social contribution program
Users Any person who uses the AfreecaTV platform
  • - Privacy protection
  • - Improvements to service quality
  • - Website Communication center
  • - Customer Service center
  • - User conference
Any producer of AfreecaTV broadcasts
  • - Increasing in platform users
  • - Content monetization
  • - Satisfaction surveys
  • - Various public information
  • - BJ meetings
Executives and employees Any executive or employee who participates in in-house activities
  • - Improvements in the working environment
  • - Work performance and compensation
  • - In-house portal
  • - e-town hall

AfreecaTV prioritizes communication first and strives to maximize the value of the company and business through communication with various stakeholders.

Performance Announcements through ALCON

ALCON (AfreecaTV Live Conference Call) is a communication channel where questions and answers are shared with all stakeholders, including employees, partners (BJs), and users. AfreecaTV has held ALCON every quarter since 2016 for broadcasting and communication. AfreecaTV utilizes the advantages of an interactive communication platform to announce quarterly results, share future business directions, and actively communicate the company's performance and future plans to stakeholders in real time.

eTown Hall Meetings

The eTown Hall meeting is held every quarter. This is an in-house broadcast where executives and employees gather together to discuss and collect opinions on major issues of the company. All employees, including the CEO, can freely express their opinions and have a healthy discussion about the direction of the company's development. By holding regular eTown Hall meetings, AfreecaTV is creating a culture of free internal communication and is being reborn as a company that is trusted by its employees.

BJ Meeting

AfreecaTV holds online and offline BJ meetings every year to actively listen to the opinions of BJs, its core business partners, explain the responsibilities and policies of the media to BJs, and share opinions about the difficulties faced by BJs. In 2021, BJ meetings were held simultaneously online and offline twice in March and September. The online BJ meetings were held using the joint broadcasting function, and a small number of BJs participated offline to participate in the Q&A. Through this, we help BJs to create better content and promoting mutual growth between our partners and the company.

User Meetings

AfreecaTV holds monthly online user meetings for interactive communication with users. By explaining new services, policies, and precautions to users through online broadcasts and by collecting opinions, we are seeking directions to improve service.

AfreecaTV recognizes the importance of economic value distribution to stakeholders and is actively engaged in employment, dividends, tax payment, and even indirect economic value distribution. Through active recruitment every year, our number of employees is rapidly increasing, and with the dividend increase according to the increase in profits, the distribution of profits to partners is also growing rapidly

    • BJ distribution
    • (unit: KRW 1 million)
    2019 195,726
    2020 251,463
    2021 346,324

    AfreecaTV is a global leader in the BM of the 'donation economy,' contributing to the creation of indirect economic value by re-sharing the profits generated thereby with BJs.

    * BJs' profits from donation economy futures, excluding advertising and other revenue
    • Tax Payment
    • (unit: KRW 1 million)
    2019 7,778
    2020 9,684
    2021 18,125

    AfreecaTV is a responsible taxpayer and abides by the principle of good faith. We indirectly contributes to economic and community development by faithfully fulfilling our tax obligations.

    • Employee Salaries
    • (unit: KRW 1 million)
    2019 31,639
    2020 37,152
    2021 44,679

    AfreecaTV is a responsible taxpayer and abides by the principle of good faith. We indirectly contribute to economic and community development by faithfully fulfilling our tax obligations.

    * Employee salaries, welfare benefits, stock compensation costs, etc.
    • Distribution
    • (unit: KRW 1 million)
    • 2019 6,012
    • 2020 7,068
    • 2021 8,047

    AfreecaTV has implemented stable dividends as part of its capital management and strives to protect the rights and interests of its shareholders by allowing them to decide dividends directly at the general meeting of shareholders, and to enhance shareholder value through a favorable dividend policy.


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