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Kim Min Seon / Ilchon community

The relationship between AfreecaTV and the Ilchon community was established in 2014 when AfreecaTV started to provide matching donations with employees of the company to the Ilchon community.

AfreecaTV have acted as an adult for children in need of care for the past eight years and helped the ‘social family movement’ by being friends to elderly persons in need of care. AfreecaTV has also assisted local welfare activists through welfare academies, etc., and helped the Ilchon community to operate welfare institutions to ensure the expansion and continuation of its social responsibility activities.

Through this, we are grateful for the interest and support for the socially underprivileged, and doing various welfare activities within the community and creating a better society.

Our society is gradually becoming individualized, but as humans are social beings, taking care of each other is essential. This is possible only with social capital, which includes solidarity and trust. AfreecaTV is helping the social family movement in the process of building such social capital, and I believe that it is practicing sustainable management that will bring about a better tomorrow. In the future, I look forward to seeing more active participation in the social family movement hosted by the Ilchon community. In addition, I hope that AfreecaTV will help cooperate with the production and utilization of various contents currently being promoted by the Ilchon community with its technology.


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