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AfreecaTV is the representative live streaming platform of AfreecaTV, with a focus on UGC (user generated content) where BJs (broadcasting jockeys) and users can create content together through real-time communication.

Compared to one-sided VOD, live streaming is better suited to create a new service or culture in that users and creators can communicate in real-time, interact and create content together. Moreover, live streaming is both creative and authentic at the same time as it is in real-time, not following a set script. The resulting emotional empathy and communication forms solid connections between BJs and Users and between users and users, thus forming a basis for revitalizing the donation economy culture.

Ratio of traffic by content
Variety/Talk Shows
  • Games 65.0%
  • Variety/Talk Shows 18.0%
  • Sports 3.0%
  • Hobbies/Other 14.0%

Donation economy (star balloons, subscriptions, etc.)

AfreecaTV's donation economy futures sales such as star balloons, subscriptions, and ad balloons show growing steadily. Domestic and foreign companies have benchmarked donation economy futures since they were first introduced by AfreecaTV in 2007. Donation economy futures constitute a significant source of revenue, accounting for 70-80% of AfreecaTV's sales.

Increase in Donation economy sales(Unit: KRW 100 million)
Introducing a new communication method, 'User participation'

In April 2022, AfreecaTV introduced the 'User participation' function, allowing BJs and users to chat in real-time. This function, a two-way communication means that allows BJs and users to connect via video, becomes available when activated by BJs through the AfreecaTV live streaming program FreecShot. By introducing this User participation function, AfreecaTV will diversify content related to communication, counseling for concerns, User participation, travel, and health. AfreecaTV will continue to provide various participatory services and functions to support BJs and users in creating multiple single-person media content together.

BJ to user real-time communication means
  • Chat (real-time communication)

    Feature that allows users
    to talk with BJs or other users
    in real time
    during live streaming

  • User clip

    Feature that
    enables users to
    create shorts during
    live streaming

  • Quick view

    Item that allows
    users to enter
    a room without
    having to watch an ad

  • Star balloon

    Donation to
    BJs during live

  • Ad balloon

    Donation to BJs
    by watching ads

  • Subscription

    donation to BJs

  • Sticker

    Gift from a user to
    a BJ so that the
    BJ can purchase equipment
    needed for streaming

  • User participation

    Video chat between users
    and BJs who are
    live streaming

Sports Broadcast Content

Unlike existing one-way broadcasting, the strength of AfreecaTV's sports broadcasting is 'real-time two-way communication' between commentators and users, through such as chatting. Also, since it can be easily relayed without additional equipment or technology, this content contributes to the online contentization of sports in daily life by allowing anyone to relay various professional and amateur sports. We enable each user to choose a narrator that suits his or her taste by allowing not only amateurs with their unique personality but also expert commentators with extensive experience to start channels, thus providing a wide range of choices to users.

Entertainment Content

At AfreecaTV, where everything becomes content, all contents from music and dance to cooking, art, and talent and ideas of BJs are categorized as entertainment contents. The entertainment contents on AfreecaTV are interactive in that the users are actively engaged. AfreecaTV holds various events, such as Hobby Day, Mukbang Day, and BJ Expedition, and awards outstanding contents. As such, we provide consistent support to help BJs create diverse entertainment contents.

Liberal/Current Affairs Content

AfreecaTV produces broadcasts that convey knowledge and share opinions on social phenomena through historical and educational content. AfreecaTV strives to produce a variety of content that provides benefits beyond pleasure, such as a planned special broadcast on Samiljeol (the March 1st holiday) where users can follow the footsteps of independence activists along with a history-specialized BJ in a visit to the Independence Hall, special University entrance examination briefing sessions by BJs or study masters to deliver information on the entrance exam after it is held, etc

eSports and Game Content

AfreecaTV provide diverse contents to the users by producing original contents. In particular, we have been investing in the production and promotion of game and eSports contents. We use eSports stadiums (the Sangam Colosseum and the Jamsil Vita 500 Colosseum) to provide dynamic experience of the pro-level league. Small-scale games and amateur eSports games are played at the FreecUp Studio.

We continue to create various contents. Moreover, we provide a wide array of contents other than game broadcasting, including game talk shows. AfreecaTV also directly operates eSports pro team to foster a healthy game culture, thus contributing to the expansion and development of eSports by taking the lead to make them official.

Official eSports leagues
  • Afreeca Starcraft
  • Global Starcraft2
  • PUBG Weekly Series
    East Asia
  • AfreecaTV LoL
  • AfreecaTV TFT
  • AfreecaTV PUBG
  • AfreecaTV Warcraft III
  • Valorant Champions
eSports stadiums
  • FreecUP Studio
  • Sangam Colosseum
  • Vita 500 Colosseum
eSports pro teams
  • Kwangdong Freecs LOL Team
  • Kwangdong Freecs PUBG Team

Media/Live Commerce

Live commerce, a coined word for live streaming and commerce, refers to online shopping by communicating with sellers in real-time. Live commerce is a new form of shopping and a pillar of the e-commerce market that has been growing rapidly based on two-way communication through real-time chat, in which all communication between sellers and consumers, and consumers watching live broadcasts together takes place.

AfreecaTV strives to expand our live commerce contents through the collaboration with our BJs, which is one of our assets, and become a media commerce platform. As part of the effort, we signed an MOU with TMON to expand our base for live commerce. We are also gradually expanding categories of live commerce. We attempt to provide various entertainment and fun to our users through live commerce, instead of focusing on sales and marketing by adding the concept of hallenges (e.g., who sells the most).

  • MOU with Timon for live commerce
  • BJ Action Honggu's Pork Belly Day Live
Platform – Shopfreeca
  • - Online sales window provided through product registration in AfreecaTV shop
  • - Improving customer accessibility by posting real-time live commerce broadcasts of products
Channeling – Ad Balloon
  • - Redirecting users to the seller's purchase page through the Ad Balloon product link

AfreecaTV is diversifying its business model through its advertising business. AfreecaTV provides advertisements that meet the needs of various advertisers by utilizing the existing two-way communication infrastructure beyond current advertising using existing traffic, we help BJs generate additional revenue by providing new content for users to enjoy and a new source of income for BJs while also offering more diverse and efficient options to advertisers.


In 2021, AfreecaTV’s sales increased significantly, with a growth of 82% compared to the previous year, thanks to the successful launch of the new ad management platform AAM (AfreecaTV Ads Manager) and the increase in demand for content-type ads

AfreecaTV’s value as an ad platform was enhanced through the strengthened reporting of contents-type ads, which have high participation rates, specialized sales personnel, the adoption of new ad products that encourage user participation, and the AAM. We will continue to strive to increase the sales from ads by providing tailored ad products and services based on advanced data analysis and enhancing the efficiency of the ads through strengthened quantitative and qualitative reporting.

Advertising Sales Trend (Unit: KRW 100 million)

Platform Advertising

There are various types of platform advertising transmitted through the AfreecaTV platform. Platform advertising include video advertising shown when watching a video, ad balloons, and participatory advertisements through gift-giving in addition to general banner and keyword search ads directly accessible on the platform. Platform advertising can reach users by utilizing not only demographic targeting but also the characteristics of the AfreecaTV ecosystem. Various platform advertising inventories are secured in AfreecaTV's mobile application and PC page, and advertisers can maximize their advertising efficiency by selecting from collected inventories according to their advertising purposes.

Ad Management Platform AAM

AAM(AfreecaTV Ads Manager) is a new ad management solution that improves ad accessibility for advertisers. With AAM, advertisers can have flexible ways to manage their ads, such as picking the ad product and changing the campaign strategy, based on the efficiency indicators compared to the marketing targets.

AfreecaTV optimizes the effect of advertisement with a larger demand for digital advertisement from the adoption of the AAM, targeting options (e.g., contents category, BJs, users, etc.), and tailored inventory recommendation. Launched in 2021, AAM immediately received a great response from advertisers and contributed greatly to the growth of AfreecaTV's recently soaring ad sales, improving the value of AfreecaTV as an advertising platform. It is also significant in that it helps to cooperate with SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises) as well as large advertisers.

Content-type Advertisements

This special advertisement format on AfreecaTV is differentiated in that the advertisers, BJs, and users can engage and enjoy the ads as contents instead of simply watching them, and the ads are delivered as a type of live contents within the AfreecaTV ecosystem.

The most well-known format is live streaming of game tournaments, such as the League of Legends BJ Destruction Battle and the FIFA Online 4 – Spear and Shield. There is also the brand live type in which BJs communicate with users directly as a sponsor of original contents or by showing the advertised products on the live show. The contents themselves can be advertisements. Digital advertisement format is garnering attention as users can be engaged and feel less uncomfortable.

Launching 'Break Time,’ a Form of Live Interim Advertisement

'Break Time' is a service that displays video advertisements during breaks when a BJ wants to temporarily stop broad-casting for a break or due to other circumstances during live streaming. The great advantage of this form of advertisement is that it does not interfere with broadcasting or viewing the content, as the BJ can operate it at the desired time. AfreecaTV will add various functions to ensure BJs and users can conveniently use their break time.


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