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Shin Hyun Seok / Executive

As a pioneer in personal broadcasting media platforms, I believe that AfreecaTV should lead this market with a sense of responsibility. For the growth of the one-person media content ecosystem, AfreecaTV must continue its efforts to fulfill its social responsibility.

AfreecaTV can grow this market and culture by growing together with related companies and recruiting talented people from various fields. AfreecaTV is continuing its efforts to improve user satisfaction, stabilize its platform, and enhance quality. We are minimizing inconveniences such as loading and buffering that may occur while using the platform and supporting stable broadcasting activities and good content production through interactive communication with BJs. Through continuous monitoring, we also identify the features that users need and actively reflect and introduce them into our services.

I look forward to seeing AfreecaTV contributes to various fields of society in the future by sharing the knowledge, skills, and know-how it has accumulated over the years in various areas such as education, mentoring, content development, and entrepreneurship.


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