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Jung Jae Min / Outside director

AfreecaTV's competitive advantage is its creative and distinct content. We can achieve a 'sustainable' competitive advantage when we reliably deliver valuable, scarce, non-imitable content and drive customer satisfaction. In terms of content and form, we need to expand our ways of enhancing interaction with users, such as utilizing the metaverse, etc. AfreecaTV's efforts to strengthen its content stability, support partner education, and enhance customer satisfaction and service quality form the foundation of its sustainability management. I intend that AfreecaTV will play a leading role in promoting transparency and smooth communication among participants, and lead a win-win relationship throughout the content production to consumption. I urge AfreecaTV to put special efforts into information security and cyber security as an information and entertainment platform.

AfreecaTV's ESG efforts are not just about getting good reviews from shareholders and investors. I believe that the greater value is in contributing to organizational performance by enhancing employees' self-esteem, collective efficacy, and smooth communication. In addition to the company-wide efforts for ESG management, I hope that by receiving ideas for ESG practices from employees, the importance of ESG management can be highlighted and everyone can sympathize with the fact that they all are the subjects of ESG practices. ESG activities will positively impact the perception and work of individual employees, and AfreecaTV will ultimately become the company of choice for customers and users. Recently, AfreecaTV has established an ESG committee to lay the foundation for full-scale ESG management. However, even more important is raising employees' awareness of ESG management and preparing more specific implementation strategies.

It is easy to neglect environmental management because we do not discharge visible pollutants like wastewater. However, as an IT company, we must actively reduce carbon emissions through energy saving at data centers and by developing ecofriendly servers. I hope that AfreecaTV will contribute to raising awareness of eco-friendliness by supporting the creation of content related to the climate crisis, global warming, and the environment. I also hope that AfreecaTV sets an example for various social contribution activities that can create social value. I hope that AfreecaTV will also invest in solving social problems through content production camps for youth and support projects for the underprivileged. I believe that gaining the trust of its stakeholders in ESG management will add value to AfreecaTV.


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